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A Guide To Plan And Prepare For Your Vehicle Shipping During The Holidays

If you are taking your car to your holiday destination, you need to know the planning and preparations required to ship a car during holiday seasons. Even if you are purchasing a car in an online auction or gifting a brand new car to your loved ones on special festivals like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you must have proper planning to deliver it on time.

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Benefits of shipping during holiday season

Most of the auto transport company offers great deals and discounts to ship your automobile during the holiday season. To attract more customers, the shipping companies provide competitive rates and discounts during holidays like any other businesses do. You can also avail customized delivery like door-to-door at the price of standard shipping charges of terminal-to-terminal shipments.

Hence, you can save a lot of money and time by choosing to ship to deliver your vehicle.

How to plan your vehicle relocation during holidays?

When deciding to ship your vehicle during the holiday season, you need to pre-plan your vehicle relocation for better delivery and service options.

  1. Book everything in advance – If you are planning to relocate your newly purchased car, you must complete the entire transaction process well in advance to plan your relocation much before holiday season begins. During the holiday season, you must book your car transport early due to shortage of transport services and delayed deliveries. The holiday seasons also have major impacts on logistics activities due to increase in demand and road blockages.
  2. Be flexible with delivery timings – During holiday seasons, there are many factors that affect the time of delivery. The auto transport companies cannot provide the exact date and time of your vehicle delivery. So, you must have flexible delivery times for your vehicle.
  3. Provide correct and detailed information – To get a proper and accurate shipping quote, you must provide correct and detailed information about your vehicle, pick-up location, destination address, type of shipping services, and much more necessary points.
  4. Avoid Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year weeks – Either the roads are blocked or transport professionals are on holiday leave during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year weeks. Hence, it is recommended to ship your car either before Christmas or at the beginning of the New Year.

How to prepare your vehicle for auto transport?

Before your car transport company arrives for pick-up, you should prepare your vehicle for shipping. You must thoroughly clean the dust and dirt off your car and precisely inspect it for any pre-shipment scratches and damages. Take clear photos of such damages and mention them on Bill of Lading. You must also ensure that you remove all your belongings from your vehicle.

Shipping your vehicle during holiday seasons is more challenging due to harsh weather and heavy traffics. But, above tips will help you to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones while keeping peace of mind with your vehicle shipment.

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