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Smart Lighting: Advantages

Even after the sun has set, we still require light to keep the darkness at bay. Not by chance, the light bulb was one of the first electrically powered gadgets. LED lamps have long been popular because of their energy efficiency, but now smart lighting is even more popular. Automated lighting allows you to do things you couldn’t before. Check out sengled smart lighting kit.

Advantages of Intelligent Lighting

What kind of possibilities open up using a lighting management system that you can operate from a distance? As it turns out, the following are a few options to contemplate:

Turn the lights on and off from a distance

To avoid getting out of bed before going to sleep, wealthy people placed light switches near their beds so they did not have to get up and turn off the lights on the wall. Fortunately, smartphones and tablets, which are always with you, can be used instead.

Voice activation for your bedroom lighting may be possible in some circumstances. Some lights can even be programmed to switch on or off based on where you are using your smartphone’s GPS.

You’re also not constrained to using the lights in your room. Using the app, you can also turn off the lights in your children’s bedrooms when it’s time for sleep.


It’s easy to arrange your lights using home lighting automation. Each light can be set to come on or go off at a predetermined interval. You can also program the lights to come on and go off at odd intervals to confuse would-be intruders who are scoping out your house. When you merely program light to come on at a specified time, you expose yourself to the risk of bad actors discovering that it is an automated function.

Detectors of movement

When a sensor detects motion, lights can be turned on. You can use the sensor to turn on a light in your room to alert you to people in the house and turn on the light for your child. Anybody lurking around your house late at night will be caught red-handed by this, which is great for your safety and the security of your neighbors. It’s also convenient for guests who need to use the bathroom down the hall. When your children slip out of the house at night or if they’re strolling around in their sleep, it can let you know about it.

Use of lights to alert

Using your lights as a signal for other events is also possible. The doorbell or door knocks may go unnoticed if you’re holding a party at home with loud music blasting. The only way to tell if someone is outside your door is to use smart lighting.

The lights can be used as a signal for anything. Lights can flicker when you receive a text message, email, or a specific message on Instagram. Getting a lighting system linked to your social media accounts is even doable!

Reduced energy use

Dimmable LED lights can save you a significant amount of electricity. A dimmer can help you save money on your power bill by reducing the brightness of a light bulb when you don’t need it.

Turning off lights that aren’t being used is also an option. In the absence of a person in the room, there is no reason to keep the lights on (apart from safety). Thus they can simply shut off on their own.


Lights may create moods and can be used in a variety of contexts. Designating a specific lighting scheme for a romantic date or a late-night light show is possible. Even when you’re watching TV, you can adjust the lighting in your room so that it’s not too bright and you can still see the remote and your snacks.

In rare circumstances, the lights may begin to come on gradually in the early hours of the morning. Before morning, bright lights can be jarring. This should help reduce that discomfort. People get their caffeine fix in the kitchen, which can be brighter lit than the rest of the house.

In today’s most advanced lighting systems, dimmers aren’t all that’s included. There is a possibility that they can also change color. That has the power to transform every room in the house into something completely different.

When it comes to home automation, smart lighting is the greatest place to start. It’s possible to get basic smart lights for a very low price if you don’t require elaborate installations. IFTTT connectivity is required to use these lights in conjunction with other smart devices.

In addition to turning the lights on and off, you can dim them, activate them with a blink, or alter their hues using your smartphone app. Now you can truly light up your day with these new lights!

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