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What to Do Following the Installation of a New Windscreen?


You must ideally consider a professional windshield replacement as soon as feasible if you have a cracked windscreen. Many people mistakenly believe that a car’s windscreen is only an ornamental feature, which is incorrect. 

In actuality, the windshield’s particular construction not only safeguards the people in the event of an accident but also supports the entire car structure. You must explore car accessories online shopping sites in India to consider how to execute windshield replacements professionally. 

You should obtain assistance from a qualified auto glass specialist or bring the car to an auto glass service shop for a windshield replacement. If the windscreen installation is not up to your satisfaction, you will continue to drive dangerously. Therefore, be sure to examine the windscreen installation’s quality.

You should undertake the following to see if the windshield replacement in your car has undergone the correct and professional process using car windshield cleaners.

  • Look At the Edges

You must first examine whether the glass fits precisely into the frame during any windshield replacement.

It would be best to inspect your new windscreen closely after installation, paying particular attention to the margins. A skilled car glass expert knows how crucial it is to fit the windscreen into the glass frame precisely. 

Incorrect or subpar installation of the windscreen will eventually necessitate a complete replacement. However, it would be best never to disregard the risk posed by a shoddy windshield replacement. Your life and the lives of other passengers are in grave danger if you continue to drive with a subpar installation.

  • Genuine Glass

Dealers authorised to work on your car, SUV, truck, or minivan sell dealer glass. OEM stands for original equipment. Manufacturer glass is comparable to dealer glass because it uses the same materials as the original glass in your car. Businesses with connections to the automaker create the aftermarket glass. Consider this vehicle glass to be the OEM glass’ equal.

Compared to dealer and OEM glass, aftermarket glass is less expensive. The guarantee is frequently the same as that offered for dealer or OEM glass. Being aware of the sort of auto glass you are purchasing is crucial. A genuine windscreen and a non-original windscreen should be able to be distinguished from one another. 

Look at the logo towards the glass’s corner to determine the authenticity of the glass. Compare the automobile logo to the one on your cracked windscreen to see if they are identical.

  • Verify The Glass Thickness

It would be best if you inspected the thickness of the vehicle glass when considering windshield replacement.

A key component of premium windscreen glass is thickness. Ensure the auto windscreen is the proper thickness to rebuild the vehicle frame’s structural integrity. Always utilise adequate thickness glass when replacing your auto glass with a reputable company. The thickness and lamination of the windscreen glass must be appropriate.

So, check to see if the new windshield’s thickness is the same as your cracked or shattered one. Examine the freshly installed windscreen’s visibility in addition to its thickness. Visibility will take a hit if the auto glass has dark colours. As a result, this may impair your safety while driving at night and cause visibility problems.

  • Watch Out for Blemishes and Bubbles

Windshield replacement is a job that always demands the highest level of accuracy. Errors of any kind cannot exist during the car glass installation. In other words, the installation ought to be flawless.

You must always consider the quality of the installation when replacing a windscreen, whether the front or the back. After replacing the cracked windscreen of your automobile or SUV, you ought to look closer. Look over the entire surface of the glass for any bubbles or flaws. The glass surface will have bubbles or defects if the installation is low quality. On the other side, a high-quality installation won’t have any marks.

Bubbles may form later when exposed to high temperatures if the installation of the automobile window glass was not correct. The visibility of the vehicle glass while driving will take a backstab from bubbles and imperfections. The newly replaced vehicle glass must be utterly bubble-free, which is vital.


One of the most crucial parts of any car is the windscreen. You should never ignore this vital part of the car. It helps maintain the car’s structural integrity and acts as a barrier of protection for the driver. 

A strong windscreen is the most critical safety component while operating a vehicle. In an accident, the car’s windscreen acts as the driver’s first line of defence.

It is dangerous to drive with a chipped or broken windscreen. Therefore, when you find a chip in your windscreen, you must have it repaired or replaced. Additionally, be aware that obtaining only your car’s windscreen is insufficient. Verifying that the windshield replacement quality is crucial.

Contact Carorbis if you still have questions or are looking for a highly skilled auto glass technician to take care of your windshield replacement.

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