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Key Benefits of Using Agricultural lime for Crops


A tremendous amount of effort and expertise is put into growing crops as it is a complicated line of work. Many factors including environmental conditions and soil quality are crucial for securing the best crops. Crop health largely depends upon the PH level of the soil which must be balanced. The lower PH level of the soil makes it acidic which is toxic for the crops.


Such soil creates severely nutrient-deficient crops with lower yields. This results in an ultimate decrease in agricultural business profits.  However, there are plenty of ways to minimize and decrease the acidity of the soil. One of the best practices to deal with acidic soil is to apply lime to such soil. There are numerous benefits of using lime for agricultural purposes, and some of those benefits have been mentioned ahead.

1. Decreases the Content of Manganese and Iron

The high level of manganese and iron makes the soil acidic and decreases the soil’s PH level. The higher level of manganese and iron results in making the plants and crops toxic and eventually decreasing the growth and overall outputs of crops. This can be corrected by using agricultural lime which results in reducing the the content of manganese and iron in soil and hence enhancing the PH level.

2. Strengthen Plant Structure

The balance level of PH is essential for the growth of the crop as the balance level results in ensuring the roots receive proper nutrients and are strengthened. Once the roots are strong, the overall plant structure gets strong. This balance can be achieved by the use of agricultural lime. Carelton in Canada is quite famous for its Pumpkin sales as they have the best quality pumpkins at pumpkin patch carleton mi produced under the best soil conditions which has a PH of 6.0 to 6.8 which is necessary for fertile soil.

3. Provides Calcium and Magnesium

The growth of crops depends hugely on the good amount of calcium and magnesium present in the soil. The agricultural lime makes sure of such an amount’s presence. As it supplies the constant amount of nutrients that make certain that the plants are achieving the right growth. These nutrients are healthy for the growth of plants. Even calcium is the most important ingredient in poultry feed as animals also need it to thrive and therefore the poultry grit is made with calcitic lime, which the locals of New South Wales can get of the best quality at poultry grit nsw.

4. Enhances Microbial Activity

The acidic soil makes it impossible for the beneficial microbes present in the soil to thrive properly. This impacts the soil’s health and which in return decreases the possibility of uptake of nutrients in the crop’s roots. To improve the health of the crop and promote microbial activity the agricultural lime can play a huge role as it results in creating a better environment for crops. The healthy microbes are like food for the crops themselves.


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